ITALY- New Board and New President

presentacion verona

As usual, on Sunday 3 December 2017, the ANACC activities of the current year were closed with the social lunch at the end of the year.

In this occasion, the elections for the renewal of the Association Board for the five-year period 2017-2022 took place.

At the beginning of the day, the outgoing President Denis Lanzanova gave the natural expiry of his mandate, reminding the various achievements reached by ANACC during his mandate. With the occasion, and demonstrating its undeniable sense of belonging to what is now called "familia criollista", he thanked one by one all the associates, who in the course of these years, had accompanied and supported him in this passionate and rewarding adventure.
All the associates then sincerely thanked the outgoing President on several occasions, sharing the emotion that arose his enthralling words.
Then he formalized the start of the elections, the voting procedures and at the end of scrutiny he informed about the result.

On the basis of the procedures explained to the members before the voting operations, the outgoing President Denis Lanzanova asked the candidate with the highest number of votes, Giuseppe Bonacina (current Responsible for International Relationship), if he accepted the nomination. At this point Giuseppe Bonacina, after thanking every one and congratulating Luca Barlusconi and all the other candidates for the results reached, accepted the appointment as new President.

He thanked and congratulated the passionate work carried out by the outgoing President and reiterated that he was counting on his indispensable collaboration. Moreover he confirmed the will to involve all the candidates which, from now on, include women and young members.

Therefore the new ANACC board is now officially confirmed as follow:

GIUSEPPE BONACINA:                      President & International Relationship

LUCA BARLUSCONI:                           Vice President 

ENRICO PAVESE:                                   Secretary General

PAMELA FUMAGALLI:                       Media & Communication

GIULIA NOSEDA:                                  Media & Communication

ALESSANDRO BELTRAMI:                Breeding Activities Coordinator

SAMUEL COVI:                                      Event Adviser  

VITTORIO RABBONI:                           Event Adviser

SIMONA MORENGO:                          Treasurer

Criollo-Horse enjoy this opportunity to congratulate DENIS LANZANOVA as well for all its achievements during the past few years, for his passion, his involvement towards the Criollo horse, the Criollo breed and the Criollista family, in Italy and in Europe. He managed to unify people over the frontiers, especially with the development of ANACC’s presence at the Feria Cavalli wich became an event of reference for Criollistas in Europe. THANK YOU DENIS!

Criollo-Horse would like to welcome as well the new Board of the ANACC and the new President of ANACC, GIUSEPPE BONACINA, and wish him all the best for his new mandate. He is for sure the most indicated person to keep moving the breed of Criollos in Europe and he can count on the support of Criollo-Horse to achieve its goals!

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CHAPTER 1: Analysis of the 2016 ANCR Reining Futurity Results in Brazil

We are lucky to count in Europe with a specialist of Criollo’s functional pedigrees, Mr. Andreas Werdermann, from the German Criollo Breed CP Criollos.

Andreas is the owner of Cimarron de Baviera, a Criollo stallion showed by his son and professional rider Joschka Werdermann, with the greatest results in Reining, Working Cowhorse and Ranch Riding competitions in Germany and Europe.

Andreas has been watching and studying the results and pedigrees of many Criollos in Brazil, especially those that were showed in Reining competitions and Freno de Oro, making correlations between the genealogies of these functional horses.
The Freno de Oro is a competition born in Brazil, currently practiced in Argentina and Uruguay as well, where each competitor will be evaluated taking into account the morphology of the horse, the way he naturally moves, and its results in 4 different kind of competitions, with cattle and without cattle. Some exercises are quite similar to Reining: sliding stop, spin, and circles.

Brazil is the country where most opportunities in Reining were given to Criollos. Criollos are already bred and selected to compete in Reining national competition where Quarter Horses used to have the leadership.

As underlined by Andreas, last year, in 2016, there were 11 Criollos participating at the ANCR Reining Futurity in Brazil (in total, 58 competitors, most of them Quarter Horses). The ANCR is the Brazilian National Association of Reining Horses, a NRHA member organisation.

Andreas evaluated the ANCR Futurity results and the ABCCC (the Brazilian Association of Criollo Breeders) database concerning the participating Criollos, and made several interesting conclusions.

He notices that in the average, the 11 participating Criollos had better results and scores than most of the Quarter Horses.

The Best Criollo of the 2016 ANCR Reining Futurity was Craque Marca dos Santos (Gelding, born 30.11.2012) who scored 218 in the qualifying and 220 in the final, got the 3rd place at the Open level 4, and 1st place at the Open level 3. Craque Marca Dos Santos is a son of Joio do Infinito and also has Brazilian, Chilean and Argentinian ancestros (see pedigree).


You can watch Craque Marca Dos Santos 'performance following those links:

Futurity qualifying:

Futurity final

Joio do Infinito, Craque Marca Dos Santos’s father, was successful in Reining himself. And actually, Andreas points out that 8 from the above-mentioned 11 Criollos participating at the ANCR Futurity have fathers that were successful in Reining themselves.

He explains that 4 of these 11 Criollos are from Duque do Caijaara (*1999), a Criollo stallion that was a ANCR Futurity Winner, Champion Snafle-Bit ANCR, Champion Copa Querência, ABCCC National Champion, NRHA Reinarama Champion (USA), NRHA Derby Finalist (USA).  Duque do Caijaara is the son of BT SULTÃO (a stallion from Brazil) which comes from La Invernada Hornero (Chile) and Tinajero Presumido (Chile) by Aculeo Condorito (Chile).

Furthermore, 3 of these 11 Criollos are from Joio do Infinito, who won the IRHA Derby in 2006, and was Champion Summer Slide Italy 2006. Joio Do Infinito’s father is Consuelo do Infinito (Brazil) by Santa Elba Senuelo (Chile), His mother’s father is a Brazilian Criollo with pure Chilean Boodlines, Muchacho de Santa Angelica, which comes from Santa Elba Senuelo as well.

page 6

You can watch JOIO DO INFINITO's performance at the 2006 IRHA Derby following this link:


Then, 1 of these 11 Criollos is from SJ Rodopio, a Criollo stallion that participated with the Brazilian Team at the World Equestrian Games in 2010 and 2014 (7th place) and won the Copa Querência 2012 with a score of 224).

131814 9331268947

SJ RODOPIO (*2002) is a son of BT MOURO (BRAZIL) that comes from LA INVERNADA HORNERO (CHILE), and also have in its pedigree BELLAVISTA TAIMADO (CHILE) and DON FAUSTO (CHILE).

In conclusion, it appears that all of these three fathers (Duque do Caijaara, Joio do Infinito, SJ Rodopio) wich were successful in Reining have fathers from Brazil and both father and mother of these three stallions are have famous functional Chilean bloodlines.

More interesting Data on these champions:

Criollos are not tall horses. The normal standard of the breed admits horses between 138 cm and 148 cm. The average height of these 11 Criollos at the age of 3 years was 140,9 cm, and for instance, Craque Marca dos Santos at this age was only 139,5 cm!

The average score of these 11 Criollos in the qualifying competition of the 2016 ANCR Reining Futurity in Brazil was 208,9 (between 201 and 218).

There were 8 geldings, 2 stallions and 1 mare. The TOP 3 Criollos participating to the qualifying session were: 1 gelding, 1 stallion, 1 mare.

The average percentage of pure Chilean blood in the parental generations 1-4 of these 11 criollos was 47,2% (between 25 and 82,5%). Craque Marca dos Santos has for instance 31,25% of Chilean blood in the parental generations 1-4.

Regarding Pedigrees, Andrea identified that 58% of the pedigrees in the parental generations 1-4 have famous functional bloodlines. From those, 76% are from Chile, 5% from Argentina and 19% from Brazil.

10 Criollos of these 11 Criollos descend from La Invernada Hornero, and 3 of them even twice!

All of the Criollos with the TOP 5 scores have fathers with success in Reining.

Andreas established hereunder a list of the TOP functional bloods/Sires based on the pedigrees of the 11 criollos taking into account the parental generations 1-4. The number indicates how often each stallion appears in the pedigrees of the 11 Criollos subject of this study.

The ( C ) refers to Chile and (B) to Brazil, countries of origin of these stallions.

Muchacho De Santa Angélica is bred in Brazil with pure Chilean ancestors.

This is a complete list of all bloodlines occurring at least twice in between the 11 pedigrees of horses subject to this study.











































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Photos of the ANACC's participation to the 2017 Fiera Cavalli !


This year, The ANACC had could enjoy the presence of the profesional Brasilian photografer, Fagner Almeida, to make a nice reportage of its participation to the 2017 Feria Cavalli.

Enjoy the pictures!

Curso de Morfologia ANACC- Fiera Cavalli 2017

Feria Cavalli 2017: Ambiente, Criollos, Apasionados y Competidores!

Premios y Ganadores de los concursos organizados por la ANACC en la Fiera Cavalli 2017


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The Fiera Cavalli 2017, it's now!!

22550488 494060717633068 8946417461170214496 o

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Galery and Results from Esteio 2017

I. Morphology Championship:

Grande Campeona y Campeona yegua adulta
BT Decisão II, hija de BT Lucero y BT Comadreja;
Criador Condominio Flavio Bastos Tellechea e expositores Mariana Franco Tellechea e filhos;
Cabanha Basca – Uruguaiana/RS

21105613 703516923188442 6261187885831004579 n

Grande Campon y Campeon padrillo adulto
Inquisitor 1490 Maufer, hijo de Piraí 1569 do Brazão y OBS Bailanta;
criadores Mauricio e Fernando Lampert Weiand e expositor Luiz Carlos Maeda;
Cabanha Santa Larissa – Itaporanga/SP

21106497 703517079855093 2087928962744766011 n

Reservada Grande Campeona y Reservada Campeona Yegua Adulta
Erva Santa Cala Bassa, hija de Pirai 159 do Brazão y Adrenalina Cala Bassa;
Criador y expositor Marcelo Rezende Móglia, Cabanha Cala Bassa – Bagé/RS

21149908 703517109855090 5371904742958040371 n

Reservado Grande Campeon y Campeon padrillo Menor
KT Amanhecer, hijo de Indio do Boeiro y KT Peleia; C
Criadores y expositores Alfredo, Guilherme y Diego Tellechea;
Cabanha KT – Uruguaiana/RS

21106880 703517166521751 1910621533256178677 n

3ª Mejor Yegua y Campeona Yegua Menor
Balisa III do Itapororó, hija de Galo de Santa Edwiges y Queridona do Itapororó;
Criador y expositor Condomínio Rural Itapororó/Santa Marta – Itaqui/RS

21231122 703517466521721 1461190737613497039 n

3º Mejor Macho y Reservado Campeon Padrillo Adulto
Dom Ruan de São Pedro, hijo de BT Delantero y Morena de São Pedro;
Criador Eduardo Macedo Linhares y expositor José Valmir Silveira D’Ávila;
Cabanha JLV – Santa Margarida do Sul/RS

21106501 703517496521718 2233371367351377220 n

4ª Mejor yegua y Reservada Campeona Yegua Menor
Basca Água Benta-TE, filha de BT Delantero y Basca Sorte Grande;
Criadores y expositores Mariana Tellechea e filhos;
Cabanha Basca – Uruguaiana/RS

21150346 703517519855049 6131705063896412024 n

4º Mejor Macho y 3º Mejor Padrillo Adulto
Dito e Feito Cala Bassa, hijo de Piraí 1569 do Brazão y Tacada Cala Bassa;
Criador Marcelo Rezende Móglia y expositores Marcelo Móglia, José Luis Pons, Alex Erhardt e Eduardo Linhares;
Cabanha Cala Bassa, Santa Angela, Miramont e GAP São Pedro – Aceguá/RS

21270918 703517546521713 1106267665388214575 n

II. Freno de Oro Championship


Freno de Oro

Capanegra Quinta Sinfonia, Hija de Capanegra Jacarta y Capanegra Felicidad;
Criador Fernando Dornelles Pons y expositores Fernando Dornelles Pons e Victor Barbosa Penner,
Cabanha Capanegra e Cabanha Gameleira, Dom Pedrito/RS e Goiânia/GO

Ginete: Eduardo Weber de Quadros.

Nota: 22,033

134458 1220535887

Freno de Plata

Jeitosa do Mano a Mano, Hija de Eleito do Mano a Mano y SC Alvorada;
Criadores Paulo Ronei Reali y Thiago Merck Reali y expositores Paulo Ronei Reali y Thiago Merck Reali y Carla Musa y Onécio Prado Júnior,
Cabanhas Carpe Diem e Tamareira, Fazenda Vila Nova/RS e Santa Rita do Passa Quatro/SP

Ginete: Daniel Waihrich Marim Teixeira.

Nota: 20,822

134458 9245536075

Freno de Bronce

BT Basteira, hija de BT Napoleão II y BT Rendilha II;
Criador Condomínio Flavio Bastos Tellechea y expositor Marcelo e Maria da Glória Tellechea Cairoli,
Reconquista Agropecuária Ltda, Alegrete/RS

Ginete: Daniel Waihrich Marim Teixeira.

Nota: 20,724

134458 5399588989

Freno de Alpaca

Carlota de São Pedro, hija de Macanudo do Itapororó y Generina de São Pedro;
Criador y expositor Eduardo Macedo Linhares,
Cabanha Gap São Pedro, Uruguaiana/RS

Ginete: Fábio Teixeira da Silveira.

Nota: 20.547

134458 8418408948


Freno de Oro

PN Cambiasso, hijo de Santa Elba Señuelo y Napa de Santa Angélica;
Criador Paulino Avila Costa Neto y expositor Jonas Leopoldino de Souza,
Cabanha Positivo, Portão/RS

Ginete: Adriano Comunelo.

Nota: 20,812

134458 9347921889

Freno de Plata

La Castellana Esplendor, hijo de Matreiro do Itapororó y Julieta do Trinta e Oito;
Criador Marcelo Amaral Moraes y expositor Jean Carlo Santos Mendes,
Cabanhas Iguariaçá, Descanso e Fama, São Borja/RS 

Ginete: Cláudio dos Santos Fagundes.

Nota: 20,804

134458 9213087786

Freio de Bronze

Peñarol da Boa Vista, hijo de Chicão de Santa Odessa y Catarina do Itapororó;
Criador Fazenda Boa Vista y expositor Fábio Muricy Camargo,
Cabanha Boa Vista, Vacaria/RS

Ginete: Fábio Teixeira da Silveira.

Nota: 20,509

134458 7376739387

Freio de Alpaca

Farandola da Mangueira Velha, hijo de Estimado da Terra Nativa y JA Umbanda;
Criador Leandro Luís Vieira y expositor Bertilo Schlickmann,
Cabanha Cinco Estrelas, Braço do Norte/SC

Ginete: Fagner Crescencio Espíndola.

Nota: 20,460

134458 7505376515

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Children and Criollo Foals, a unique experience!

20992874 10208191275574175 7843482129546035446 n

During the week-end of August 19th, in Uruguay, at Martin Gurmendez's place, Cabaña el Chamane, a very special Course with foals and children took place, in order to manipulate and make the foals more familiar to the contact with humans. 15 young girls and boys from 11 to 16 years old participated to the course, with their own foal. Every foals used for this course were complitly wild and had never been touch by humans. After 2 days training with the foals and children, Martin Gurmendez aknowledged that they all reached amazing results! 

Clementaina Sartori who participated to the course and published many photos on her facebook page, explianed with details her feelings and experience:  

"Curso dictado por Los Pingos Marcelo Gonzalez, quien nos demostró que la manera tradicional en acercarse a un potrillo ya no es tan útil como la manera racional. En estos dos días se aprendió muchisima cosa, se aclararon dudas, se abrió un abanico de posibilidades para situaciones diferentes. Parece bobo que alguien haga un "curso de amanse de potrillos", pero realmente no lo es, ya que lo que se trabaja cuando se comienza la doma es el fruto del trabajo en su primer contacto. Sin violencia, sin ansiedades, sin apurarnos. Creo yo que la gran mayoría quedó extremadamente satisfecho con el trabajo hecho. Trabajo en equipo e individual hicieron la diferencia desde el sábado de mañana a el domingo a la tarde. Nuevamente un lugar donde se respetó al otro durante la convivencia, rondas de chistes, juegos y guitarreada, se compartieron opiniones y sobre todo se ayudó cuando alguien lo necesitaba.

Sin más palabras que aportar, nomas digo que se venga otro curso! "

A unique experience that should be repeated!

More pictures on the Cabaña el Chamane's facebook page :

Curso de amanse de potrillos- Agosto 2017

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Results of the 2017 Palermo Show in Buenos Aires

Suprem Champions Palermo 2017

Gran Campeón Macho
Box 1363 - Gomensoro de Santa Marcia T.E. 
SBA: 87567
Expositor: Julio Trevisan y Flavio Piegas Martini


Gran Campeón Hembra
Box 1452 - La Brava Kresna
SBA: 81331
Expositor: S.A Bartolome Ginocchio e Hijos

Champion Males


Reservado Gran Campeón Macho
Box 1372 - Charque Ventarrón
SBA: 77939
Expositor: Suc. Julio A. Ballester

20431451 1402598046521390 2547222169719503222 n

Tercer Mecjor Macho
Box: 1347 - Yanca Intendente
SBA: 85366
Expositor: Yancamil S.A.


Cuarto Mejor Macho
Box 1389 - Jaguel Jaque
SBA 89680
Expositor: Etchebehere, Gaztambide, Dowdall y Stern

Champion Females


Reservado Gran Campeón Hembra
Box 1422 - Del Goyaz Chacarera
Expositor: Graciela J. Ballester de Rocha


Tercer Mejor Hembra
Box 1427 - Tañid Mala Mia
SBA: 87170
Expositor: Felipe Juan Ballestar


Cuarta Mejor Hembra
Box 1453 - Ñandu Ronda
SBA: 81289
Expositor:Juan Victor Tronconi Ballester

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IMG 20170428 WA0009

The Uruguayan Breeding Association of Criollo Horses has justed actualized its oficial social networks to provide you with the very last news of the Criollo Horse in Uruguay.

Log in on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and be updated with the last news, fotos, articles published by the SCCCU!!

See you soon!

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You Must Have: The 2016 Journal of the CRZVD !

17203630 10158316746365721 520966343 n

Like every years, le CRZVD publishes during the first Trimester of the year its "Revista" presenting all the breeders in Germany and the main events that were significant for the develoment of the breed in Germany.

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A Criollo Horse at School!

17238097 1528245553882358 2091869193 n

Criollo-Horse is happy to share with you a very nice initiative undertaken by Manuela Cavallo. Manuela is a member of the Italian Criollo Breeding Associacion, ANACC, and loves criollo horses as well as the culture and traditions from Uruguay and Argentina that she knows perfectly.

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