Have a look: the ANACC has a new website!

The ANACC has been working on the creation of a new website, and in particular tanks to the work of Giuseppe Bonacina (Cabana La Alegre), that is now available: www.anacc.it

Have a look!


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First Annual Meeting of the AFECC- March 4, 2016

First Annual Meetinf of the French Association of Criollo Breeders


On Friday 4th of March, 2016, the first General Meeting of the French Association of Criollo Breeders (AFECC) happened at the Haras d’Andas, in Montjoi, in the Tran and Garonna (South of France).

Founded in 2002, after the importation by Philippe Bergeron of purebred Criollo mares from Argentina, this association remained inactive until the number of breeders and Criollo owners became substantial, which the case today, to the extent that the AFECC has 17 members (10 breeders and 7 Criollo owners). The number of Criollo owners in France is around one hundred.

This General Meeting represents a new step in the development and promotion of the Criollo breed in France. Several topics were discussed during the meeting, and in particular the issue related to the studbook and the registry of Criollos in France, which id actually fixed by a convention entered into between the SIRE (French Administration of Registries) and the SRA (Argentinian Administration for Registries). It was also decided that the AFECC would have the task to develop communication supports and to organise events in order to promote this amazing horse and to strengthen the links between Criollo lovers.

If you want to be a member of the AFECC, you have to be the owner of at least one purebred Criollo with inscription into the SIRE under the category CRIOLLO.

The AFECC invite you to contact it if you are interested into Criollos and/or if you have a Criollo, even a “criollo” without pedigree…

For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook: « Criollo-AFECC » (https://www.facebook.com/criollo.afecc/ )
To know more on the Criollo: www.criollo-horse.com


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Annual Meeting of the CRZVD 2016


On the 12th of March 2016 the Annual Meeting of the CRZVD took place at the Küffner Hof in Neudeck near Langenbrettach. The participating 18 members and 2 guests met in the afternoon in the restaurant of the riding center. At the beginning of the meeting they did a round tour over the property, which will also be the venue for this year’s Fiesta Criolla in September. Andreas Wascher presented the riding center
which provides a large indoor as
well as outdoor riding arena.

reunion crzdv

Back in the restaurant, Vice-
president Golo Kirchhoff welcomed everyone and resumed
the highlights of last year. In the
following he handed over to
Zuchtwartin Ina Zeller (responsible for breeding topics), who
reported from the breeding year 2015. The foals in 2015 were all very good and gained multiple premiums. Five new stallions were licensed for breeding and two stallions and two mares perfor- mance-proofed. The two morphology workshops of Dr. Martin Gurmendez in October were well re- ceived among the CRZVD breeders and the breeding judges.

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Firth birth of the year in France! Breed La Madone

The first foal of the year was born in France during the snowy month of March 2016! In the breed of La Madone owned by Gil Florini (not far from Nice). Congratulations!
From: Genoveva 240 (Uruguay) x SILVANO (DE - Uruguay)

pouliche 1

pouliche 2

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New on Criollo-Horse.com: the section "Chilean Horse"!

Until 2011, the Criollo Horse from the « Ocean » and from the « pampa » and the Chilean Horse were part of the same horse family and breed. The Chilean Horse used to be called “Chilean Criollo”, the two breeds used to have opened registries which made possible the use of Chilean stallions and broodmares by breeders from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. In 2011, the Chilean Criollo became the Purebred Chilean Horse, its registries were closed and Chile ceased to be part of the FICCC.

Despite this divorce that was claimed by some people and condemned by other people in the criollista countries, it seemed to be essential, without entering into any controversy, to open a section dedicated to the “Chilean Horse” in Criollo-Horse.com.

Criollo-Horse.com is very honored to count on the support and contribution of illustrious writers and Chilean breeders, to disseminate quality information on the Chilean Horse, and in particular on Mr. Arturo Montory G. who inaugurates the section named “Chilean Horse” by publishing chapters on the History f the Chilean Horse and who will keep publishing there articles, photos and videos on this horse. Many Thanks!

Enjoy your reading!

NB: the original texts are in Spanish and some extracts will be translated step by step, it is a long work, thank you for your comprehension!


foto 3607220120124093830

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1st foal born in Italy from artificial insemination!

Alma is the first foal born in Europe, and in particular in Italy, from an Uruguayan stallion (QUELEN BOTICARIO (Cabaña La Quebrada - Rio Negro, Uruguay) with the help of artificial insemination, services offered by the Coubrough - Biotecnología en Reproducción Equina. The center specialized in artificial insemination Equicenter is the only one in Europe which proposes artificial insemination with semen from Uruguayan stallions from the Center Coubrough.


actualidad italia

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NEW! New book on the Chilian Horse!

Criollo-Horse.com has just added new books on the Chilian Horse to its library!

This two books were published by Arturo Montory and are named: Reproductores de Pura Raza Chilena TOMO I and Reproductores de Pura Raza Chilena Tomo II

RDV on the page : https://www.criollo-horse.com/en/links.html


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