Welcome into Criollo-Horse.com

Some of you heard about this website project almost three years ago, it finally sees the light on January 2016!

This website, made in three languages, is entirely dedicated to the promotion of the Criollo Horse and aims at facilitating, in particular, its promotion over its land of adoption: Europe. It also aims at making easier the circulation of the information between European countries, between breeders and between European associations, as well as between Europe and Criollos’ home countries (Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay), and to encourage anyone who does not know this marvelous Horse to discover it, know it better and be willing to love it.

This horse raises passions, and to be convinced of it, it is sufficient with making a trip to its home lands, or more simply to go to the Fiera Cavalli in Verona (Italy) or to the Fiesta Gaucha in Dalwitz (Germany), or even easier to have a look on this website. Do you know many non-institutional or associative websites like this one entirely focused on a simple breed?

Some elements are currently missing in Criollo-Horse.com, like the Logo that is coming soon. You will unfortunatly find some mistakes that will be corrected step by step, and there is so much more information that needs to be published on Criollos! For the moment, sections “News” and “What’s new” are available in order to boost the website and to share the last news or events regarding Criollos. In a latter time, some new sections like “announcements” and “advertisement” will be available in order to make breeders and other interested people more visible on the net.

Criollo-Horse.com is the result of a large number of exchanges with a lot of people, all Criollo Lovers, who throughout discussions, writings, e-mails, calls and meetings made this project possible. It also results from of a strong passion for Criollos and from the conviction that theyhave a promising futur in Europe. I would like to thank, in particular, starting with “Criollistas” from South-America:
  • Fabian Corral Burbano de Lara who made me ride for the first time a Criollo in 2005, and thanks to everything started;
  • Horacio Araya who helped me to import my stallion Patron Chico Engarrotao in 2006 giving rise to a long and beautiful adventure and to my father Robert Descombes who helped me at this time to acquire it.
  • Erica Van Hinke from la Cabaña La Amistad (Argentina) who was one of the first person to whom I talked about this Project;
  • Carlos Allende Bartolomé from the Cabaña La Brava who has been one of my first and main interlocutor in the world of the Argentinian breeders and who provided me with useful information to prepare this website and thanks to whom I got my first Criollo mare: La Brava Marina.
  • Lucio Bellocq for his availability and our exchanges regarding Criollos;
  • Martin Gurmendez I met in Verona in 2015, for his trainings and because he immediately believed in this project;
  • Teresa Pascual from la Cabaña La Entrerriana for our interesting discussions;
  •  La Cabaña Don Joaquin for our exchanges;
  • Daniel Berhouet for our discussions as well;
  • La Cabaña el Cardal and la Cabaña la Baguala for some photos;
  • And of course, last but not least, the photographers JG Martini and Daniel Sempe who gave me the authorization to use some of their photos for the purpose of this website.
From the European side, I would like to thank in particular:
  • Conrad Hoyos de la Primera (Germany) and President of the CRZVD until 2016, who was one of the very first european breeder to know about this project and who largely contributed to the section dedicated to the breed of Criollos in Germany;
  • Andreas Werdermann from CP Criollos (Germany), a breeder who, like me, believes in the futur of Criollos in sports in Europe and who effectively contributes to its development;
  • Benjamin Philipp from Criollos de Baviera who is probably at this time at the head of the breed with the most famous South-American functional bloodlines in Europe;
  • My friends from the ANACC and in particular its President Denis Lanzanova as well as Giuseppe Bonacina who helped me to prepare the section related to the breed of Criollos in Italy, and who strongly participate to the promotion of the breed in Europe;
  • Philippe Bergeron from the Haras d’Andas and the others French breeders who provided me with information and photos;
  • Criollos la Esperanza (Germany) owned by Marion Meyer for the photos as well;

My very last thank, but probably the biggest, goes to my friend Luc from Diaphragme.net who spent a lot of hours to build this website.

To conclude, I will simply recall an enthusiastic expression from Denis Lanzanova, President of the ANACC:

Que avance la Raza!

Enjoy your visit!

Aurore Descombes
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Copyright: ADFC-Criollo-Horse.com

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